The Athenaeum Hotel

The Athenaeum Hotel, established 1881

Throughout Chautauqua Institution’s summer season, Athenaeum Hotel guests are inspired by a variety of learning, recreational and entertainment programs that are all part of the unique “Chautauqua Experience.” For 139 summers, people have come to Chautauqua Institution’s 750-acre community to experience arts, education, concerts, lectures and lively discussions. The Chautauqua Institution gate pass, which is necessary for hotel guests, gives you access to most of the 35 other events that are offered each day.

During the spring and fall months, the Athenaeum Hotel acts as a host to well-organized conferences, beautiful weddings, and special events. A Chautauqua Institution gate pass is not needed during these months.

All guests of the hotel are offered an elegant culinary experience and are able to relax on a 200-foot long porch that provides a picturesque view of Chautauqua Lake. A visiting architect remarked, “This is a place I truly love at Chautauqua. I feel when I settle into one of the comfortable rocking chairs on the porch, that I am in the serene embrace of a set of hands that holds me safely. There is a timeless feeling here and no disorientation.” Find respite and inspiration at the Athenaeum Hotel.

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